BEP Europe NV

BEP Europe NV, based in Bruges, is the European headquarters of Ascential Technologies. BEP Europe provides its customers with state of the art intelligent machinery for the automotive industry and is leader in the development of advanced electrical, mechanical, and software solutions for end-of-line and propulsion test machinery. The Bruges site has more than 35 years of experience in machine manufacturing for the automotive industry.

Ascential Technologies

BEP Europe is part of Ascential Technologies. Ascential Technologies brands operate with local autonomy in over forty locations, in fourteen countries, on four continents. With a long-standing and proven reputation for innovation and collaboration, Ascential Technologies is dedicated to solving complex manufacturing, testing and validation problems for the customers.

Helping, collaborating and building - Advancing the Machineā„¢.

Burke E. Porter Machinery

Burke E. Porter Machinery is headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, but its ever-growing network of companies and manufacturing facilities spans the globe. Grand Rapids is also the headquarters for Ascential Technologies. In 1996, the Bruges site was acquired by the Burke E. Porter Machinery family company with the founding of BEP Europe NV.

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